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Hi! I’m Isabella,

Im here to help you with your new experinces with Epilepsy 

  I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 7 years old. I have had epilepsy for almost 11 years. I and my mom had such a difficult time finding anything to help us when I was first diagnosed. I'm here to help you through your new life with epilepsy.

  Whether you are new to epilepsy or you've had it for years this blog is here to guide you through everything from your first EEG or just a simple doctor's appointment this blog is here for you. 

 I'll say a couple of things about myself... I was born in LA California and moved to New York in 2011. I have one brother (as seen in the picture) Johnny who is now 14 but was 5 when I had my first seizure. I am in school to become a teacher. If you ever have any questions contact me via email and I try to respond as quick as I can. 

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