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Being told you can't but now you can: Living with epilepsy

All my life since being diagnosed I was told I couldn't ride a bike, I could never drive, I could never go on a roller coaster. I always thought I was never going to do any of those things. It was scary thinking about how would I get places without being able to drive. It sucked. With epilepsy, you never know when a seizure can occur. I was told from 7-15 years old I was never going to drive.

December 2021:

At about 9 AM I had a doctor's appointment. I was turning 16 the next year. I wanted to ask my doctor if I can get my permit. I was so nervous he was gonna say no. Near the end he asked if I had any questions I said: “yes since my 16th birthday is coming up do you think I will be able to drive?” He replied, “from your last EEG results you seem ready to drive”.

How I coped with the fear of being able to drive now:

Knowing and coming to terms with not being able to drive as a kid was easy to deal with. Getting a sudden change in that is a pretty big deal. It wasn't easy getting myself ready for this big change. I still am very scared to drive. I’ve driven twice in the past 3 years. I haven't completely healed from it but slowly I get better with time and just even sitting in a parked car and just putting my hands on the wheel and not even pressing on the gas helps. Knowing that I am there and just sitting there helps just by the slightest bit.


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