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Death in epilepsy: how it feels as a person with epilepsy

When someone goes through something as traumatizing as having a seizure or even Epilepsy it changes everything and how you see life. You want to start living life to the fullest from there on. It's a scary feeling knowing that anything can happen during a seizure or what would happen if you had one with a person who has no idea what epilepsy or seizures are. There is not a time when you won't think can this seizure kill me?

Knowing about death in epilepsy

When asking that question you think about all the people who have died from seizures. For example Cameron Boyce a famous Disney actor known for his acting in the movie Descendants as Carlos, Cruella de-vils son. I know as a kid I loved him as an actor. I still remember how I felt when I found out how he died.

I was at a Lakehouse that my grandma had rented for a week. I was on my phone playing a game probably and a notification came up about “Cameron Boyce Famous Actor has died”. I yelled for my mom “Mom Cameron Boyce died!”. As soon as I clicked on the news ad I started to cry. My mom came over and read the article with me. As soon as I saw he died from SUDEP (Sudden Death in Epilepsy) I freaked out. I was having panic attacks I was trying to not pass out it was horrible. I thought oh my god am I going to die as he did? I was probably around 14 years old when he died. As a 14 year old It was terrifying thinking that. I barely slept that night.

Epilepsy and Anxiety

Anxiety comes in many different shapes and forms and especially when you have something as major as epilepsy it can get very hard to control the anxiety you have. It ends up getting out of control. I have a very severe anxiety disorder which sometimes takes control over me and I don't know what to do. Having anxiety that can get out of control very easily is hard to take in.


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