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What are the Stages of your Diagnosis of Epilepsy?

What are the Stages of your Diagnosis of Epilepsy?

Stages of Knowing

  1. Confusion

  2. Trying to find research

  3. Trying to understand why

Stage 1


No one in my family has ever had epilepsy. No one knew what to do and who to go to. My mom had no clue what epilepsy even was at this point. The first stage is the one where you feel lost. You feel as if your world is just turned upside down. That feeling is the worst. In my opinion, this is the worst stage just trying to understand and wondering how can I help him or her.


Get more research done

Find a GOOD doctor

Ask for help

Stage 2

Trying to find research:

Research on a topic not a lot of people understand is hard. My mom went to bookstores to libraries probably every day. She still does to try to get more information. Epilepsy is not as uncommon as everyone thinks. It's more of people who just don't know anything about it that makes it seem that way.




Books (highly recommend)

Stage 3

Trying to understand:

There really isn't a way to wrap your head around epilepsy. I know that I still am wrapping my head around it every day. Trying to understand is the best thing to ever do for whomever you're trying to support. Even being there is the best thing you can do. It's not easy trying to support someone new to epilepsy. It can pull you through it.


Not many



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